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Thread: We were going to offer a D-series kit-

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    We were going to offer a D-series kit-

    -but age is catching up with us, so we will be lucky to finish our prototype, (Kirks car). the frame and engine is in, along with the right and bottom motor mounts; still need to finish up the left mount and make a tooling jig for it. The shifter bracket and lower motor mount share the same tranny bracket, and just needs a drawing and welding jigs to complete. the alternator bracket will be integral with the left motor mount, instead of two separate brackets like the B series had. The pan notch is very small compared to the B series, but still needs to be there. The major hurdle still facing us it what to do about an intake manifold, as the stocker will not fit at all. We definitely will not be chopping out a section of the runners and hose clamping it back together, as some have done. It looks like it is down to a combination of bulkhead cutting and manifold surgery at least; maybe new fabricated runners and possibly a plenum as well. We considered a complete new casting design, which would solve every D-kit manufacturers problem, but I really don't want to spend the time building new sand casting tooling these days. We will be splicing Honda-to-Mini axles, with a strengthening sleeve around the weldment, for the prototype and maybe for Spanks race car as well, if we get that far. Maybe we will get off our butts with this coming spring. This kit promises to be about 120 pounds lighter than the B-kits and should be really quick in Autocross events, especially with the carbon front & boot lid going on Kirks car. He thinks he will be able to beat my Mini.......
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