Ramco B-kit components; (2 pages)

  1. Ultra high strength, 4340M Chrome-molly steel axle/drive shaft with Mini splines on one end and Honda splines on the other. Also note grooved rings...
  2. Ramco Axles(drive shaft), with Mini CV bearing holder on Right side, and Honda bearing tripod on the left
  3. Stainless steel track rod upgrade.  17-4 alloy is over 4 time stronger than stock Mini steel arms. 1/2" standard Heim joints pictured; optional zero-...
  4. Stainless steel clevise ends on available 17-4 Stainless track rods.
  5. first design production header, with machined-taper slip-fit secondary pipe conection.  (now superceeded by bolt/flange type conection)
  6. Low profile header, provides adequate clearance in front, improves HP signifigantly, and saves 29 pounds over stock iron exhaust.
  7. tapered bottom tank to clear transmission case and frame rail;  allows taller core height for maximum cooling.
  8. Custom cored alloy radiator; maximum size for the space available.
  9. radiator brackets, (4)
  10. Pedal box assembly, for relocating the master cylinders out of the engine bay; uses remote mounted reservoirs
  11. motor mount assmy, lower  rear; with positioning adjustment
  12. (3) Motor mounts, R, L, & rear
  13. Alt & bracket and tensioner, assembled.
  14. IMG 26, alternator & brkts in position.
  15. IMG 24, Trans mount position,  R side.
  16. IMG 22, track rod brkt, R side, rear view, shows Heim joint spacer bushings in place
  17. IMG 21, track rod brkt, R side, front view, and gusset
  18. IMG 16, lower arm mounted in brkt.  Shows sliding compression washer on left side of urethane bushing, so the bracket does not bend when the nut is...
  19. IMG 19, track rod, L side installed position
  20. IMG 18, track rod brkt and gusset, L quarter view
  21. IMG 12, trans mount ears and gussets, R side
  22. IMG 11, frame, L side, inside corner view
  23. IMG 9, eng mount, L side installed position
  24. IMG 8, frame, bot R inside view
  25. IMG 4, frame front L quarter view.   Un-welded for display/clarity of joint-fit
  26. IMG 2, frame front top view.   Un-welded for display/clarity of joint-fit
  27. IMG 1, frame front view.   Un-welded for display/clarity of joint-fit
  28. Packaged kit, ready to ship to a customer
  29. Frame and components ready to be boxed up
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